The Most Widely Deployed Open Source Cloud Software in the World

Deployed by thousands. Proven production at scale. OpenStack is a set of software components that provide common services for cloud infrastructure.

Telco NFVI architecture

With SR-IOV for line-rate VNFs and CI/CD for dynamic cloud operations, our telco reference architecture for OpenStack meets both regulatory and operational requirements for highly automated telco infrastructure.

Move beyond single-VNF clouds or NEP-specific clouds, and create a general platform for cost-effective network operations across vendors.

Finance architecture

Isolate critical services for high security OpenStack with simplified audit and compliance assessments.

Building and operating OpenStack for financial services enables us to address EU and US regulatory requirements.

Private cloud infrastructure on Ubuntu is part of the fintech revolution, from blockchain to digital transformation

Media architecture

Hyper-converged storage and compute ensure maximum cost effectiveness for large-scale media processing, transcoding, digital workflows and storage.

Kubernetes on top provides a high-performance workload operations regime with direct access to underlying media content.

AI / ML and HPC architecture

GPU acceleration of AI and machine learning workloads on OpenStack requires careful configuration of the underlying hardware and host OS. Canonical’s Ubuntu is the leading platform for public cloud GPU instances and Canonical offers private cloud expertise to match.

Build a GPU cluster and share it with multiple tenants using Canonical OpenStack – then operate Kubernetes on top for HPC and high-throughput AI / ML data science.

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